Rent a toll-free number

Rent a toll-free number and your clients will not be charged for calling you. According to statistics, companies using toll-free numbers get 30% more inbound calls from clients.

You can rent a toll-free number in CRM > Add-ons > Telephony > Connection > Rent a number.

A toll-free number has all the same features as a regular local number - you can configure inbound call routing, use it as a default number for outgoing calls, etc.

But there are some important details:

  1. Monthly payment.

    A toll-free number is more expensive than a local number - $6/mo. instead of $4/mo. (USA)

  2. You get charged for incoming calls.

    When using a toll-free number, you get charged for incoming calls as your client doesn't pay for an outgoing call to this number. In fact, you pay instead of your client.

  3. Rates for outgoing calls are the same as rates for outgoing calls from local numbers.

  4. Charges for call forwarding.

    If you use a call forwarding, you get charged for an inbound call (as it's a toll-free number) and for an outgoing call (in fact, call forwarding is an outgoing call).

If you rent a toll-free number in some country, only customers from this country will be able to call this toll-free number. For example, if you rent an Australian toll-free number, only clients from Australia will be able to call you. This rule works for all toll-free numbers, excepting the USA toll-free numbers - a call from another country will be charged to the caller.

How to save money on inbound calls received during off hours

You may get inbound calls during off hours. It doesn't matter if someone answered the call or not, you will be charged for an inbound call anyway.

There is a possibility to change the phone number’s time settings. This option informs your clients that the calls performed during off hours cannot be assisted.

Also, there is a Blacklist option. You can find it in CRM > Add-ons > Telephony > Configure telephony > Blacklist.

Read more about the Blacklist option in the article - Blacklist.

Here you can add particular numbers to the blacklist and inbound calls from these numbers will be rejected.

Also, you can use Auto block phone numbers outside office hours option to automatically add a phone number to the blacklist if a call originates from the same caller ID too many times in a row within a short period of time.

You can view rejected calls in Call details section.

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