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Tech requirements for using Telephony

If you have any problems with Bitrix24 Telephony, please check the following requirements:

  1. Internet connection speed - no less than 128 Kbps (Kilobits per second) for each conversation.

  2. Supported Internet browsers:

    • Google Chrome (recommended);
    • Mozilla Firefox;
    • Edge;
    • Safari.
    Read more about supported browsers in the Voximplant Web SDK guide.

    We don't guarantee the correct functioning of Bitrix24 Telephony if you use any other browser.

  3. If you're using the Bitrix24 Desktop app for calls, it should be version 7 or newer.

    WebRTC technology uses HTTPS protocol. Thus, you need to get a trusted SSL certificate to make voice calls and video calls via the desktop app. A self-signed certificate may cause incorrect work. This applies to Bitrix24 Cloud version with own domain and Bitrix24 Self-hosted version.

  4. To make calls, you need a headset or configured SIP phone connected.

  5. If you use SIP phones and To everybody type of call distribution, incoming calls cannot be transferred to more than 10 phones (devices). This is Voximplant's limitation.

  6. Local network settings must be done.

    You can get a list of settings from Bitrix24 Support.
  7. Voximplant supports G711 (u-law and a-law), Opus, ILBC, H.264, VP8 codecs.

  8. Call quality test

    Follow this link to test call quality:

    This test helps you check:

    • Browser version;
    • SDK Load;
    • Access to the microphone;
    • Authorization;
    • Connection quality.

    If any problems are found during the test, you will be offered possible solutions.

    Then you can start this test again to make sure everything works fine.

  9. Ad-blocking software used in your browser or antivirus can also block calls. Just add your Bitrix24 account address and the call quality test website to exceptions in this software.

A common issue is that the microphone is missing or blocked in browser settings. Refer to this article to learn how to allow access to the microphone in different browsers - Test your telephony connection quality.
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