Example of working with tasks

Let's consider the following example: a company annually holds a reporting meeting on the results of the work. The chief and the supervisors report on the achieved goals and present their plans for the next year.

Head of Sales Employee (agent)
He creates a task, assigns it to the responsible persons and accepts the completed task. He performs the task, collects the sales data of the year, creates a report and completes the task.

How the Head of Sales creates a task

Create a new task, specify its name and description.

Activate the High Priority option at the top right corner to make a responsible person understand that this task is important.

Specify the employees who will be responsible for this task. Please note that a separate task copy will be created for each responsible person if you assign the task to several users. Also, add the chief as an observer to the task to keep him informed about its progress.

Set the task deadline and its planned duration.

Then click the Options button.

Activate the Check task upon completion option. In this case the task will be pending review until the suprvisor accepts it as completed.

Add tags to the task.

After applying all the settings, click the green Add task button at the bottom of the page.

Here is how the created task looks like:

How the employee (agent) works with the task

The task appears in the responsible person's task list.

Here is how the task looks like when opening it:

Also, the employee gets a notification about the new task.

The responsible person can add a checklist and tick its items as he completes each step of the task.

Click the Start button to start working on the task.

The Add comment section allows the employee to provide the results of the work. All the task participants can view the attached document.

The employee can complete the task with the help of the Finish button.

How the Head of Sales accepts the work

When the employee completes the task, the supervisor gets a notification about it.

Then the supervisor can rate the task, accept it as or return it for revision.

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