Search in Bitrix24.CRM

When you work with a large amount of data, you need a quick and easy search option. Bitrix24.CRM has such an option!

All you need to do is to start typing the name of the element you are looking for and Bitrix24 will show you search results.

Search by phone number

Enter digits and Bitrix24 will show you phone numbers containing these digits.

We recommend entering at least three digits for better results.

You will get correct search results even if the phone number contains brackets, spaces or hyphen.

Search by name and email address

When you start typing something into the search field, Bitrix24 searches elements by client's and responsible person's name.

Also, Bitrix24 searches elements by email address.

You can enter as many letters as you need, but Bitrix24 will search elements containing these letters at the beginning of the word or as a separate word.

For example, you can enter "Ma" and Bitrix24 will find Mandy, Maria, but will not find Amanda.

How does the search filter work?

Filters are designed for a search by specific fields.

Leave the search filter empty and it will show all the elements.

For example, if we use the filter by the "Lessons" field and select that we need to find guitar students only, Bitrix24 will show us only guitar students in search results.

The filter will find elements even if you don't enter the full value.

How to find elements with an empty field?

For example, in our music school, we define which instrument does the student learn to play. But we also provide rehearsal rooms for bands and we don't need this information.

So, we want to find all the clients without an instrument they play defined.

To do that we need to have the ability to choose "not selected" option in the "lesson" custom field. Click CRM > More > Settings > Form and report settings > Custom fields.

Click Deals > Fields and edit "Lesson" custom field.

Click List > add Not selected field and make it a Default Value.

Done! Now we can filter search results by Lesson field and find all the clients with Not selected value.

The number of searchable CRM elements depends on your plan. Read more in the article - Search function in new Bitrix24 plans.

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