Tasks in Bitrix24 Mobile app

We updated the mobile tasks to make the work with them easier and more convenient. You can create a detailed task and control its progress using your mobile phone anywhere at any time.

Open the Tasks section in the bottom menu of the app. There you can find the list of all the assigned tasks in which you participate.

Quick task creation

To create a task, tap the + icon in the bottom corner. In the quick form you can specify the task name, add responsible person and deadlines.

Tap All fields to open the extended task form and specify the additional details. Select participants and observers, add files and checklists. In the More section you can make the task important, add tags and CRM entities etc.

To add tags to a mobile task, select the needed tag in the corresponding field in task form or create a new one. Also, you can add a tag in the task name or description with the help of the # sign. Just enter a key word after this sign and it will be recognised as a tag (e.g. #sales).

To attach files, tap the corresponding button in the bottom panel. You can upload files right from your mobile phone or from Bitrix24.Drive. Complete all the fields you need and tap Create.

View and edit tasks

To find a specific task, tap the three dots button in the top right corner and use filters. Select the desired stage of the task or your role in it. There is also an option to sort tasks by deadline and show already completed ones. Else, you can tap the loupe icon to search tasks by name.

When you open a task, you can view its elements:

  • Deadline
  • Task status
  • Description and files
  • Checklist
  • Role (responsible person, created by, observers and participants)
  • Priority
  • Score
  • Subtasks and related tasks
  • Comments

All new comments appear as counters in the bottom panel. Just tap on them to open this section and read new comments. Also, an employee can mark a comment as a result of work. If the task creator enables Task report is required option, the responsible person can touch and hold a comment to see the actions menu and mark the comment as a task status summary.

The creator of the task can edit it at any time. Open the task and apply the changes. Also, you can tap the three dots button to apply one of the following actions to the task: complete, delegate or delete it.

All the changes in tasks appear as counters of different colors. New comments are highlighted with green color, and overdue tasks are marked with red. You can also use the filter to view the number of unread comments, the number of overdue tasks and your role in them.

In order to pin a task at the top of the list, swipe it from left to right (for iOS) or hold it (for Android) and select the action. In the same way, you can remove all notifications for new comments in the task by tapping the Mark as read button.

When the task is done, put tick next to it. Else, you can tap the three dots button at the top right corner and select the corresponding action. Closed tasks will be crossed out.

How to share tasks

In Bitrix24 Mobile app you can share a link to any task with your colleagues. Just open a task, tap the three dots button in the top right corner and select Share in the actions menu.

Select a user you want to send a link to, or copy the link to send it in any other way.

Also, you can share a link to a task right from the task list. Swipe a task from left to right (for iOS) or hold it (for Android) > tap More > select Share.

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