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Task templates

If you find yourself adding the same task over and over, there's an easier way than starting from scratch each time. Create a task template once, and then you can quickly add tasks manually or automatically in no time!

In this article, we'll cover:

How to create a task template

To add a new task template,

  1. Go to the Tasks and Projects section.

  2. Expand the More tab.

  3. Select Templates.

  4. Click the Create button.

  5. Fill out the task template form and click Save. This way, you won't need to fill in the details for the task again next time. You can always come back and edit the template or the tasks created from it.
    Additional task features

Alternatively, you can turn a task into a template while you're adding a new task or editing an existing one. Just enable the option in the bottom right corner.

How to adjust task template settings

Here are some specific options you can configure in the task template settings.

Deadline based on the task creation date

Set the deadline based on when the task is created by specifying a time period in the Deadline in section. Bitrix24 will automatically set a deadline when the task is created.

Template access permissions

Configure your task template access permissions if you want other employees to use it. There are two access levels available:

  • Full task template access: Employees can edit and use this template.

  • Read task template: Employees can use and read this template, but can't edit it.

Task template for a new employee

There's an option for administrators to automatically assign tasks to new hires. Click Options and enable the option. This task will automatically be assigned to a new employee when they are hired.

This option is not available in Bitrix24 On-Premise yet.

Repeat task template

Check if this section is available in your Bitrix24 plan.

Set tasks to be created and repeated automatically using the option. Specify the repeat term parameters and set when you want a task to be created. Then select the date from which the task becomes recurring and the end date.

  • No end date: The repetition will never be stopped.

  • End date: The system will stop repeating a task on the specified date.

  • Complete after ... irritations: The specified number of tasks will be created, and then the repetition will be stopped.

Task with subtask template

Check if subtask templates are available in your Bitrix24 plan.

Subtasks come in handy when strict control is required over complex tasks. Such tasks can be split into several simple ones, thereby streamlining the task workflow. Also, delegating subtasks to various employees or departments increases flexibility.

To add a subtask to the task template, use one of the following options:

  • In the template creation form, open the More section. Find Subtask, select the Template tab, and click Add.

  • Or, in the list of task templates, click the menu button (☰) and select Add subtask for template.

Note that the parent template (base task template) acts as a grouping container. The subtasks are independent of each other.

How to work with task templates

Once your template is ready, adding new tasks using it is simple.

  1. Go to the Tasks and Projects section.

  2. Click the small arrow next to the Create button.

  3. Choose Task using template.

  4. Select a template from the list.

You can also select a template directly when adding a new task. Click the Task templates button in the top right corner and select a template from the list.

Or, open the task form, click the small arrow next to the Add button, choose Create using template, and select a template from the list.

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