Tasks in projects

Sometimes you may have several related tasks with different responsible persons. It's easier to work with such tasks in one place. In Bitrix24, you can bind such tasks to a project and track them in the projects section.

How to create a project

First of all, you need to create a new project. When adding a new task, click More > Create Project.

You can also create new projects in the Workgroups section. Read more in the article - Projects & workgroups in Bitrix24.

When creating a new project, make sure to enable the Tasks option.

Any project has its dates. It's important to specify these dates correctly because if the deadline of the associated task is outside the project dates, you'll get the following error message:

The tasks in the created project are added to the Tasks > Projects section. In this section, you can view the total number of tasks in each project, project dates, etc.

You can also select an existing project when creating a task.
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