Projects in Bitrix24 Mobile app

Open the Bitrix24 mobile app and navigate to Tasks. Under the Projects tab, you can find all your company workgroups and projects.

Click the three dots button in the upper right corner to filter the projects by the tasks with comments or objections.

Click on the loupe icon to search by the project name. Here you can also apply the filters from the web version.

To create a new project, click the + button in the bottom right corner. Specify the project name and type, and select or upload an image for the project icon.

Then add participants and click Create.

Inside the project, you can view the tasks associated with it, write messages, and upload files to the drive. Track the upcoming changes with the help of the counters.

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You can pin the desired project at the top of the list or read all the comments on it. To do that, swipe it from left to right (for iOS) or hold it (for Android).

The Scrum section is currently only available in the browser.

In the Efficiency tab, you can evaluate how well tasks are performed. The default efficiency is 100%.

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