Tasks and projects in Bitrix24 mobile app

You can work with tasks and projects in the mobile app.


Assigned tasks in which you participate will be shown in the Tasks tab. To find a specific task, use the filter in the upper right corner. Select the desired stage of the task or your role in it. There is also an option to sort them by deadline and show already completed ones.

When you open a specific task, you can view its elements:

  • Checklist
  • Task status
  • Priority
  • Deadline
  • Score
  • Role (responsible person, created by, observers and participants)
  • Files
  • Comments

In the application, you can edit the task or perform the necessary actions.

To create a task in the mobile app, click the + icon.

After creating the task, edit it. Add a description, deadlines, and invite participants. To do this, swipe the task from right to left (for iOS) or hold it (for Android) and select the desired item.

All changes to tasks will be displayed as colored counters. Comments are highlighted in green, overdue tasks - in red. You can also see how many tasks are overdue, your role in them and the number of unread comments.

In order to pin a task at the top of the list, swipe it from left to right (for iOS) or hold it (for Android) and select the action. In the same way, you can remove all notifications for new comments in the task by clicking the Mark as read button.

If the task is completed, put tick next to it. Closed tasks will be crossed out.


This tab contains all groups and projects. To search for a specific project, click the button in the upper right corner and select the desired item.

You can also search by the project name.

To create a new project, click the + button in the bottom corner. Specify the project name and type, and add an image. Add participants and click Create.

Inside the project, you can view the tasks associated with it, write messages, and upload files to disk. All changes will be displayed in the counters.

You can pin the desired project at the top of the list or read all comments on it. To do this, swipe it from left to right (for iOS) or hold it (for Android).

The Scrum section is currently only available in the browser.

In the Efficiency tab, you can evaluate how well tasks are performed. The default efficiency is 100%.

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