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Additional task features

Plan and control the work of your company and employees with the Tasks and Projects tool.

You can set tasks for yourself and your colleagues. Specify as much task-related information as you can: attach files, create checklists, link the task to the CRM entities and projects, mark your colleagues, require task summary, set a deadline, and so on.

Customize tasks to your business needs and control the process and the result.

Web version
Mobile app

Click on the Edit button in the task form to customize it.

Create task

Click on the A button in the lower right corner to use the visual editor to design the task text.

If the task is urgent, click the High Priority button.

Add the task to Favourite to find it faster among other tasks. To do this, click on the star in the upper right corner.

You can attach files or create a document inside the task form.

Checklists in tasks

Configure task

Schedule a deadline for a task by specifying its start and end time. To enable the option, click on Time planning.

Click Options to configure the following parameters:

  • Assignee can change deadline - the responsible person will be able to change start and end time of the task. You will be notified.

  • Skip weekends and holidays - the deadline will automatically be extended if the date of the task include a weekend or a holiday.

  • Check task upon completion - the task will come to you for review when the responsible person completes it.

  • Derive task dates from subtask dates - the start and end time will automatically be determined by the date of the earliest subtask and the end date of the latest subtask.

  • Auto complete task when all subtasks are completed (and vice versa) - the main task will be automatically completed when all the subtasks have been completed.

Enable the Task status summary option, if you want to see the result and control it.

Record the work result in tasks

You can pin this section. It will always be displayed in the settings.

Open the More section to configure the following options:

  • Project - you can link the task to the project or create a new one.

  • Time tracking - specify the task planned time.

  • Remind about task - add a reminder to a responsible person, a creator or an observer. You will get a notification message or an email.

  • Repeat task - set a repeat term for the task.

  • Gantt - link previous tasks to the current one.

  • CRM - link the task to the CRM entities.

  • Subtask of - create subtasks to the tasks.

  • Tags - create tags to find tasks faster.

  • Custom fields - create custom fields for your needs.

  • Dependent tasks - you can link several tasks.
Linked tasks do not affect other links and dependencies. A link will only appear in the main task.

You can perform quick actions in the menu on the right.

  • Change the deadline.

  • Add a reminder. The notification can be sent in the message or by the email.

  • Configure automation.
  • Task automation

  • Rate the task.
  • You can open chat, make a video call, post to feed or create an event from the task form.
  • Quick actions in Calendar and Tasks

  • You can change or add participants to the task at any time.
  • Add tags.

Read also:

  • Gantt Chart
  • Create a subtask
  • Custom fields for tasks
  • You can configure the following options for tasks in the Bitrix24 mobile app:

    • Add a checklist to the task.

    • Link the task to the project or create a new one.

    • Attach files to the task.

    • Set the deadline using Time planning and Time tracking options.

    • Make high priority task.

    • Add CRM entity to the task.

    • Add tags to the task.

    • Rate the task.

    • Make additional settings.
    • Note, Dependent tasks and Subtasks are not available in the mobile version.

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