Task templates

If you add the same task regularly, there's no need to create it from scratch every time you need it. Just create a task template and add tasks manually or automatically in no time!

How to add task templates

Open Tasks and Projects section > click More > Templates.

Click the Add button in the top right corner.

Fill the task template form. All the settings will be saved and you won't need to fill the task form next time. You can edit the task template or created tasks at any time.

Administrator can use the Task template for a new employee option. Click Options > enable this option. This task will automatically be assigned to a new employee when hiring. This option is not available in Bitrix24 On-Premise yet.

Also, you can save a task as a template when adding a new task or editing the existing one. To do that, enable the Save as template option at the bottom right corner.

Configure deadline

Specify the time period in which the task needs to be completed in the Deadline in section. Bitrix24 will automatically set a deadline when the task will be created.

Repeat task

Check if this section is available in your Bitrix24 plan.

You can configure the task template so that the task will be created automatically and repeated. Just enable the Repeat task option.

For example, you need a task to be created every year on November 28th. Specify the repeat term parameters and configure when you want a task to be created:

Then select the date from which the task becomes recurring and the end date.

  • no end date – the repetition will never be stopped.

  • end date – the system will stop repeating a task on the specified date.

  • complete after ... irritations – the specified number of tasks will be created, and then the repetition will be stopped.

Task with subtask templates

Check if subtask templates are available in your Bitrix24 plan.

Subtasks come in handy when strict control is required over complex and sophisticated tasks. Such tasks can be split into several simple ones thereby streamlining the task workflow. What is more important, the subtasks can be assigned to different employees or departments which brings the flexibility of the underlying business process to a higher level.

To add a subtask to the task template, please use one of the following options:

  • Go to the new task template creation form > More > Subtask > Template > Add.

  • Or open the task templates list > click the hamburger button and select Add subtask for template.

Important: the parent template (base task template) acts as a grouping container; the subtasks are independent of each other.

Templates access permissions

Configure your task templates access permissions if you want other employees to use these templates.

There are two access levels available:

  • Full task template access - employee will be able to edit and use this template.

  • Read task template - employee will be able to use and read this template, but won't be able to edit it.

How to work with task templates

After the template is created, you can easily add new tasks using existing templates. Go to the Tasks and Projects section > click the small arrow to the right of the New task button > New task using template > select a template from the list.

Also you can use a template in the new task form. Click the Task templates button and select a template from the list.

The chosen task template will open in slider.

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