Deadline and Calendar view in Tasks

The deadline is the most important parameter of a task. Therefore, you need to be careful when specifying tasks deadlines to increase the effectiveness of the work on tasks.

There are two ways to work effectively with task deadlines: use Deadline or Calendar view.

Deadline view

In the Deadline view, tasks are divided into six columns depending on their deadlines. Here you can see which tasks are overdue, need to be done first or don't have any deadline at all.

Also, you can change the task deadline by dragging the task from one column to the other.

The task deadline will be updated according to the column you've moved this task to.

If the Responsible person can change deadline option is disabled, only the task creator can drag the task from one column to the other.
If you create a task by clicking the + button, the task will have a deadline according to the column you've clicked the + button at.

Calendar view

In the Calendar view, you will see a calendar with task deadlines.

Click on a day in the calendar to create a task with a corresponding deadline.

Click the small grey arrow at the top right corner of the calendar to switch between Day, Week and Month calendar views.

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