Task list

Task list is a tool for organizing the work on tasks. You will find it useful if you want to always know about the latest updates in tasks you're working on.

How it works

Go to the Tasks and Projects section > Tasks. By default, tasks will be displayed as a list.

At the top of the page, you can access filters.

Click the small gray arrow to access filters by roles: Ongoing, Assisting, Set by me, Following.

There are red and green counters under the search bar. The red counter shows the number of overdue tasks, green - the number of unread comments.

Click any of the counters, and tasks will be filtered automatically depending on the counter you've clicked. This feature is especially useful when you need to view all overdue tasks or tasks with new comments.

Click Read all button next to the counters to clear all unread notifications about new comments.

Configure your task list

Click the cogwheel at the top left corner of the list.

Select all the columns you want to be displayed in the task list and click Apply.

Activity column in the task list

The Activity parameter stands for any changes in a task.

If a task has been modified, or somebody has left a new comment to this task, it'll be moved up the list.

You can use the Pin option if you want the task to be always displayed at the top of the list.

If notifications about new activities in a task distract you, you can use the Mute option for this task.

Completed tasks in the list view

We have updated the logic of showing the completed tasks when the In progress filter is applied.

Completed tasks can be shown in the list of In progress tasks, if:

  • The task has unread comments.
  • The task has been closed by the task creator. In this case, the counter and the task will be shown in the responsible person and participants' task list.
  • The task has been closed by the supervisor. In this case, the counter and the task will be shown in the task creator, responsible person and participants' task list.

If you want to change the sorting by activity, click the cogwheel button > Sort > select the sorting you need.

In the previously created tasks, the comment must be read or reset via the Read all button. Counters in tasks will not be reset automatically.

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