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Important changes in REST API, Market, Telephony and Search

We are going to release a number of important changes in such tools of Bitrix24 Cloud as REST API, Market, Telephony and Bitrix24 Search.

REST API and Applications

From January 1, 2021, Market applications and REST API will be available only on commercial plans.

With the Free plan, you will not be able to install apps from the Market or use local apps created by yourself or by a partner.

The only exceptions are migration applications from other Bitrix24 services. These applications will be available on the Free plan.

To continue working with applications purchased or installed before January 1, 2021, switch from the Free plan to any commercial plan.

You can install applications from the Market and use REST API in demo or integrator mode. At the end of the using period, application work will be terminated.


From January 1, 2021, Bitrix24 Telephony will be available only on commercial plans. It will include all types of connection: rent phone number, connection via free REST-applications and SIP connector.

You can test the operation of Bitrix24 Telephony in demo or integrator mode.

If you do not switch to the commercial plan till January 15, 2021, usе of Telephony will be stopped.

Search in Tasks and CRM

Looking for a number of tasks and CRM elements requires a lot of resources. Therefore, starting from December 1, 2020, there will be a limit on search in Tasks and CRM on the Free plan.

If you have more than 1000 tasks and 1000 CRM elements - Leads, Deals, Companies or Contacts, you can search by tasks and CRM only through standard and previously created filters. The search by word or part of the word will not work.

To continue the search with all the options, you will have to switch to the appropriate commercial plan or remove old tasks and CRM elements.

FAQ: Search

I'm a user of the free plan. I have less than 1,000 deals, but the search still doesn't work. What to do?

Most likely, you have too many completed deals. They are affecting the total number.

Switch to the CRM List view.

List view

Select Closed deals filter in the search bar.

Closed deals

Delete unnecessary deals from the least.

Delete deals

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