Import and Export Workflows templates

In Bitrix24, you can import or export workflows templates.

To do that, open the workflow that you want to import/export > click Actions > Configure workflows.

In the context menu, click Edit.

Click Export or Import buttons.

You need to have administrative access rights to export or import workflows templates.

Before importing a workflow template to another Bitrix24 account, make sure to have the same documents types created on that account.

You cannot export a workflow template for one document type to a workflow for the other document type. For example, it's impossible to export a workflow template for CRM to Lists.

Due to some important features of lists module, the import of a workflow template for them needs to be done with certain conditions.

The easiest way is to initially create and configure a list, fields and workflow template:

  • Add custom fields to initial list not in the lists interface, but straight in the Business Process Designer.
  • After exporting template from initial list to a new one, make sure to check all the actions that use custom fields.

If custom fields in the initial list were created in the lists interface, here's the algorithm for a template import:

  • Create and configure a new list the same way as the initial list.
  • Create and configure custom fields in the lists interface the same way as in the initial list.
  • Specify the same IDs for custom fields and their values as in the initial list.
  • Import workflow template.
  • Check the imported template, especially actions that use custom fields.
.bpt file extension is used when importing/exporting workflow templates.
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