Addworkdays function

Addworkdays function allows to add N number of work days to the specified date.

This is how it looks like:

=addworkdays([date], [number of work days])

In [date] section, you can use variables, template parameters or element fields. Also, you can enter any date manually or set the current time and date using {=System:Now}.

You can use any integer from 1 to 250 in [number of work days] section. In other words, you can add at least 1 work day to the specified date, or 250 work days at the most.

The function adds work days only. You can specify weekends and holidays in Settings, all other days will be considered working days.

For example:

=addworkdays({=Document:DATE_CREATE}, 1) - the resulting date will be 1 work day later than the document creation date.

=addworkdays('2.12.2022', 1) - the resulting date will be 5.12.2022 (Monday), because 2.12.2022 is Friday (Saturday and Sunday are specified as weekends in account settings).

Addworkdays function does note change the date specified in [date] section. If you use the creation date of an item, this date won't be modified. The function just adds the specified number of work days to it. To save the resulting date value, you need to insert it in a separate field or variable.

Use case

Let's consider the following example and create a task that needs to be done in 10 working days. Add the Create task action in your business process and enter a date in the constant. This date will be an expected start date of the task.

Then insert =addworkdays({=Constant: Constant1}, 10) in the Deadline field. In this case the deadline will be 10 work days later than the start date.

In addition, let's mention the deadline date in task description. To use the resulting date as text in notifications, tasks or Feed posts, the function must be enclosed in curly brackets: {{=addworkdays ({=Constant: Constant1}, 10)}}.

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