Insert Value Form

In addition to static text, the activity, template and status parameters can use special macros to specify auto-generated values like document fields, system variables, date and time etc.

To add a macro, click the ellipsis button (...) beside the target field. This will open the Insert Value form:

This form shows all the available macros grouped by use. The following groups are currently present.

  • Template Parameters: contains the template parameters you can define by clicking Template Parameters button in Visual Modeler. Notice that a value may be defined by user at run time, when starting the business process.
  • Variables: inserts user defined variables that may change during the execution of the business process. For example, this may be an auxiliary number field that a user will be prompted to enter.
  • Document Fields: inserts the value of a field of the document on which the business process is running. For example: Created on or Created by.
  • Additional Results: inserts the activity processing result if it exists. The list includes only the activities of the current business process template that return one or more values.
  • Users: inserts the users (or user groups) privy to the business process. You can select one or more users separating multiple items with semicolon.

The following macros are not listed in the Insert Value form, however they can be used when creating business process templates.

  • {=Workflow:ID} - inserts the current business process ID;
  • {=User:ID} - inserts the ID of a current user in format user_[system_user_ID];
  • {=System:Now} - inserts the current date and time;
  • {=System:Date} - inserts the current date;
  • {=Document:DETAIL_PAGE_URL} - inserts the document view page link. The link will be valid only if the information block parameters specify a correct details page URL.

The "printable" Modifier

There is a special suffix you can add to the template variables and parameters: printable. If present, it will format the macro output in a human-readable form if supported by a modified macro. If the macro does not support "printable" output, it will return the same value as without the modifier.

Consider the following examples in which the printable suffix is used on the user variable.

The macros with this modifier are also available through the Insert Value form.

Please note that all consultations and assistance with business process setup are provided exclusively by local Bitrix24 partners.

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