Business processes templates parameters

To configure business process template parameters, click Workflows > Workflows in Activity Stream > select a workflow > Actions > Configure workflows > Edit > Template Parameters.

The business process template parameters form includes the following tabs: General, Parameters, Variables, Constants, Global constants, Access.

  1. General - title, description and autorun options.
    Read more about the autorun option in the article - Business process "autorun when added" option.

  2. Parameters are needed to define some values used by the business process. These values are defined by a workflow user before running it and are saved when this workflow is completed.

  3. Variables are needed to temporarily store data used in the running workflow. After completing the workflow, variables values are deleted.

  4. Constants are needed to store data that don't change while the workflow is running. You need to configure constants before running a workflow.

  5. Global constants - the same as constants, but are applied to all business processes in your account.

  6. Configure access permissions to this template in the Access tab.
Access permissions to a workflow specified in the workflow preferences section have a higher priority than access permissions to a template.
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