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New Bitrix24: tools, time, prices

On November 23, 2021 we presented a new Bitrix24: Time. The main theme of this release was working together in a pandemic environment.

Learn about the new Bitrix24 features from our release presentation.

New tools

We have improved the product in almost every aspect - from marketing and analytics to project management and communication.

Such tools as tasks and projects, calendars, video calls, mail, open channels, mobile app, as well as CRM forms and product catalog have been updated.

New features of New Bitrix24 release are Inventory management, Scrum, Meeting briefs, Invoices,Instant WhatsApp and BI Analytics.

When do the new features come out?

Most of the new tools are already on your accounts. Some of them are going to appear soon. Follow our blog news and read about new features in the articles.

Prices and plans

Prices will not be changed. We continue to support the archive plans, but some of the new features will only be available on new pricing plans.

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