New Workgroups and Projects page

We have introduced the list view on the page with workgroups and projects like in CRM and Tasks sections. Now you can sort and filter workgroups, search by different fields' values and see more useful information on the page.

Main actions on the Workgroups and Projects page

Search for workgroups not only by their names, but also by their members, tags and other parameters. Click Add field in the search bar, tick the field you need and specify its value.

Select the fields that will be displayed as columns in the list. Just click the gear button and tick the fields you need to customize the list view.

Sort workgroups by different parameters, for example, by their creation date or members. Click the column name once or twice depending on the sort order you need.

Also, some quick actions are now available in the list of workgroups and projects. For example, you can add a workgroup to favorites or delete it without even opening it. Click the hamburger button next to the workgroup name and select the corresponding action.

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