Appreciation and announcement in Feed

You can express gratitude to colleagues in Feed post. Showing gratitude motivates employees and promotes positive team relationships.

Select the message type

The menu contains different types of publications.

Click More and select Appreciation or Announcement.


This is a motivational tool.

When you write a message text, you can mention a user. There are two ways to do this:

  • Type @ or + and select an employee from the list.

  • Click the Mention button.

  • Choose an image to make a message noticeable in Feed and express your emotions.

    You can also attach the necessary files to the message.

    You can send an appreciation as a message to all employees at once, to a particular workgroup, a department or an employee. Select the recipients in To section.

    In Recipient section select the employees you would like to thank.

    When everything is done, click Send. Your appreciation will be posted in Feed.

    All the appreciations are displayed in the recipient's profile.


    Sometimes you may need to draw attention of your colleagues to some important information. It can be done with the help of Announcement option.

    Type the text of the announcement, select users who will see it, and select the time period when this announcement will be shown in the Feed widget.

    The announcement you have added will be marked with a color in Feed.

    Users who have “marked announcement as read” are counted automatically. You will be able to see who has already read the message.

    The announcement widget will be pinned on the right side for the users who haven’t marked the message as read.

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