Create a draft message in Feed

Create and save draft messages in Feed. This feature will be useful for employees who want to postpone sending a message to colleagues.

How to create a draft

Write a message in Feed and send it. Then click the "..." icon in the right corner of the message and select Edit.

Specify yourself as a recipient, so your colleagues won't see the message.

An editing window appears where you can make changes. Then click Save as draft.

Done! The draft is saved and the message will be hidden from the Feed.

Where drafts are stored

Open your personal profile and click on the Feed tab.

Select the Drafts tab. All the messages you have saved as drafts will be stored here.

How to publish a draft

To publish a message, click "..." and select Edit.

Edit the message and specify the recipients. When everything is ready, click Publish.

The message will be published in Feed and the draft will be removed from the list.

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