Add messages to Feed

Feed is the main tool for interaction between employees inside your Bitrix24. Employees can add messages to Feed, leave comments to these messages, etc.

Select a message type

First of all, you need to select a type of message you are going to add to Feed. Select Message.

Read more about other types of Feed messages in the article - Appreciation badges & announcements.

Specify the message topic and text

The message topic is not mandatory, but your colleagues are more likely to notice the message with a topic. If you want to specify the message topic, click the Topic button at the bottom right corner and enter the message topic to the corresponding field.

You can use the Visual editor to edit the message formatting.

You can attach files and images to your message by clicking the Upload files button. You have several options to select from: upload files/images from your PC, select a document from Bitrix24 Drive or external drive, or create a new document:

Also, you can add a link, quote text, or mention a user.

Add tags

To add a tag to your message, click the # button > Add more > specify the tag you want to add > click Add.

It's especially important to add tags if there are lots of messages in Feed, and you need to quickly find a specific message.

Select recipients

Messages can be sent to all employees at once, to the particular workgroup(s), department(s), to the chosen employee(s), or even to external users. The message recipients will see your post in their Feed. To add a new recipient, click the Add more button and select a user/department.

Edit the sent message

You can edit your message by clicking More > Edit.

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