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Bitrix24 Settings: new single section

We've made updates to the Bitrix24 Settings page, gathering all configurations into a single, user-friendly section. Accessing it is now quicker with the help of the new intuitive widget. No need to reconfigure your account – all previously set access rights and restrictions will remain intact.

Only account administrators have access to these settings.

To open Bitrix24 Settings, click on the toggles icon in the top left of the screen and select Settings in the widget.

Use the search bar to find the tool settings. It will take you to the desired section.


In the Tools tab, you can configure the main menu for your company. Hide the tools you don't plan to use. Click the button on the right of the section to open its internal settings.

Configure sections in the Bitrix24 main menu

My Bitrix24

Customize your Bitrix24 account to exclusively represent your company and ensure clarity for employees. In this section, you can do the following:


Set up a convenient format for internal communications in this tab. Decide how employees will work in the Feed, Chat, and Drive sections.

General chat
Create a task overdue chat
Connect a workgroup drive to the personal drive
Document locking
Search document text on Drive


Control the methods of inviting new employees and the access of external users to your Bitrix24 in the Employees section.

Invite new users to Bitrix24
Extranet users in Bitrix24

You can also change how names, phone numbers, and addresses look in user profiles. The address format settings will be used in CRM client forms as well.

Default address region

Expand the Employee profile section and select the suitable default address region.

Region Address sample
USA 137 One Nice Way
Caprica, CA
Europe Musterstr. 321
54321 Musterstadt
UK 49 Featherstone Street
Germany Musterstr. 321
54321 Musterstadt
Brazil Avenida Presidente Affonso Camargo, 749
Cristo Rei
Curitiba - Parana
Russia Lesnaya st., 5, 176
Russian Federation
Russia (variant 2) 125075
Russian Federation
Lesnaya st., 5, 176

Company details

Here, you can create a landing page with information about your company. Share the link to it with your customers or colleagues so that they can quickly copy your company details and enter them into a contract.

Create a landing page with company details

Business hours

Set the working hours for your company and departments in this section. This helps you plan meetings and set task deadlines more accurately.

GDPR Compliance

As Bitrix24 has many clients in the European Union, we follow GDPR compliance rules and maintain GDRP section on our website. Your Data Processing Agreement is accepted by you as a part of our main terms of service.

GDPR compliance


In this section, you can track the login history of employees and allow them to work in your Bitrix24 only from certain IP addresses. Protect employees accounts and ensure a secure network.

Secure your Bitrix24 account
Login history
Event log
Restrict access to Bitrix24 by IP address

Other settings

This section allows you to configure the following parameters:

CoPilot preferences

In this section, you can:

  • Select the tools in which employees can use CoPilot to create text and images.

  • Activate CoPilot in CRM. It will transcribe the phone call, create a call summary, and fill in the CRM fields.

  • Allow or restrict employees' use of the chat with CoPilot.

  • Choose the AI provider.

See these topics to learn more:

CoPilot, your personal assistant with AI
FAQ: CoPilot
CoPilot in CRM
Chat with CoPilot
CoPilot in Tasks
CoPilot in Feed

In brief

  • Manage your Bitrix24 account settings in a single, user-friendly section accessible from the new widget.

  • No need to configure your Bitrix24 again. All access rights and restrictions previously set will remain.

  • Only employees with administrator rights have access to these settings.

  • The Bitrix24 Settings page consists of several main sections: Tools, My Bitrix24, Communications, Employees, Company details, Business hours, GDPR Compliance, Security, Other settings, and CoPilot preferences.

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