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FAQ: CoPilot

CoPilot is a Bitrix24 assistant, which works on AI technology and is built into everyday work scenarios: it can write a text, evaluate an idea, help formulate a thought or highlight the main thing from a long message. The article contains answers to frequently asked questions about CoPilot.

In which Bitrix24 sections is CoPilot available?

CoPilot can be used in Feed, Tasks, Chat, CRM, Mail, Calendar and Website sections.
CoPilot in Feed
CoPilot in Tasks
Chat with CoPilot
CoPilot in CRM

Does CoPilot store data for model training?

CoPilot does not learn from your data and does not save it. After completing your work with CoPilot, the data at the AI provider is deleted. Questions and answers are only stored in the chat history. Clear the history to delete this data.

Chat with CoPilot

What language models can be used?

Now the gpt-3.5-turbo is using. In the future, other languages will be used.

Bitrix24 Settings: new single section

If you want to select a different model, install the app from the Market.

Are there access permissions to work with CoPilot?

CoPilot can be used by all employees of your Bitrix24 account.

Is it possible to disable CoPilot in Bitrix24?

You can specify in which sections CoPilot will be available. Select options on the Settings page - CoPilot preferences.

How reliable are CoPilot responses?

CoPilot main task is to prepare a response based on the query and the context. CoPilot will help you write a congratulation text for a colleague, a text for a marketing mailing or make a checklist for a sale department.

First of all, CoPilot is an assistant in solving work tasks. CoPilot generates answers based on information obtained during model training. Always check the answers from CoPilot to avoid factual or logical errors.

What are the terms for using CoPilot in Bitrix24?

You can learn the Bitrix24 CoPilot Additional Terms on this page.
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