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CoPilot in sites: how to create an image

Artificial Intelligence helps companies cope with a number of routine tasks.

We have added the ability to generate images. Now you do not have to waste time looking for them and worrying about the copyright.

Make sure that this option is available on your Bitrix24 plan. You can find information about your plan on the pricing page.

You need a website to create images with CoPilot. To create a website, you can use a blank template or choose a ready-made one from the catalog.

Create your site in Bitrix24

How to generate images

Go to the Sites and Stores section. Select a site. It must be in the Not Published status. Click Open - Open in editor.

Create an image using CoPilot

Open the block with images. Click on the image and the CoPilot button.

Select an image style. Select a style. The CoPilot will create an image with a suitable effect.

Specify an image format. Choose one of the formats that suits your site:

  • Square (1:1) — for avatars.
  • Portrait (3:4) — for portrait photos. For example, posters and vertical banners.
  • Landscape (4:3) — for slide format and standard photos.
  • Wide Format (16:9) — for covers and wide format banners.

Write a request. Describe the desired image in detail. For example, if you want to create an image for an event, select the Movie style and the Square (1:1) format. Then press the Enter key.

If the created image is suitable, you can save it. To create a new image with the same parameters, click Try Again. To enter a new query and select image options, tap Cancel.

Save the image and it will be displayed on the page.

In brief:

  • When creating an image, you can set its style and format.

  • If the generated image is not suitable, click Try again to create a new one with the same parameters.

  • The result depends on the request: the more precise it is, the better the image will be.

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