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Extranet users in Bitrix24

External users or extranet users are authorized users who are given partial access to your Bitrix24 account. They can discuss questions with other employees in extranet workgroups or projects, work on files and documents, add tasks, and more. Invite suppliers, distributors, and other counterparts to the Extranet for centralized communication.

You can invite Extranet users on any Bitrix24 plan. Note that they are included in the limited number of users according to your Bitrix24 plan.
Bitrix24 pricing page

In Bitrix24 On-Premise version, Extranet users are counted as active users; their number is limited according to your license edition.

To work with extranet users and extranet workgroups, go to Settings and open the Emplyees tab. Expand the Invitations section and turn on the toggle switch next to this option.

You can easily distinguish extranet users by the following features:

  • The first and last names of extranet users are marked in yellow.

  • There is a globe icon next to the user's name in tasks and comments.

  • There is the Extranet mark in the user's profile.

External users can complete their profiles in the same way as regular intranet users.
Profile page

Tools available on the Extranet

Let's take a closer look at the sections which external users can use.


Here, extranet users can view their workgroup's feed and messages directed to them. Also, they can create a post, task, or poll in this section. However, they don't have access to appreciations and calendar events in Feed.

Files (My Drive)

Extranet users have access to their files and folders, including shared files on the workgroup's drive. They can manage access to their files and folders to share them with other employees. It is also possible to get a public link to a file to share it with any people outside your Bitrix24.


The list of workgroups and projects in this section shows only those of which the user is a member. You can limit access permissions to some tools and sections in a particular workgroup by editing its settings.


In this section, extranet users can see the tasks they are working on. They can add and assign tasks to those employees who are in their Contacts list. When creating tasks in an extranet workgroup, bear in mind that only its members can participate in them.

And for the rest, extranet users are allowed to work with tasks in the same way as regular intranet users.

Refer to this article to learn more about working with tasks in Bitrix24.

Note: external users cannot see observers in a task if they are not members of the same external workgroup.


Here you can see the users who are members of the same external workgroup.


Here, external users can address posts and messages to those who are in their Contacts list or to the entire extranet workgroup only.

External workgroup

In our example, it is a workgroup called Designers. As the external user is invited to it, it is displayed on the left menu.

Chat and calls

To access this section, external users can click on any chat on the right-side panel. Here they can chat and initiate audio/video calls with those who are in their Contacts list.

Bitrix24 Network profile

This section is available for external users without any limits.
Bitrix24 Network profile

Mobile app

Content and rights are the same as in the web version.

Desktop app

It includes the same features as the web version.

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