Login history

Now every employee can control the logins and the account security.

The login history page displays the following information: date and time of login, geolocation, device type you accessed from (PC or phone), operating system, browser, and IP address.

If the account is logged in from an unfamiliar device, any user can log out of Bitrix24 in one click on all devices except the current one.

Login history

Login history option is available only on the Enterprise plan. The storage period of the employee login history in the Cloud version is 180 days, in the On-Premise version - configurable by the administrator.

How it works

There are several ways to see the login history:

  • For employees: through the profile widget

    Click Login history in the widget.

    Login history profile

    It is also possible to log out on all devices except the current one.

    Log out

  • For employees: in the Time and Reports section

    Go to the Company structure section - click the Time and reports tab - select Login history in the menu.

    Time and reports

    On the login history page, click the Passwords and Security button to log out from all devices.

    Passwords and security

    In the Authentication tab, click the Log out on all devices button.


  • For administrators: in the Employees section

    The Bitrix24 administrator can also view the login history of any employee at any time and, if necessary, can force a logout on all of the employee's devices.

    Go to the Company structure section, click the Employees tab and select Login history in the employee's menu.

    Employee menu

    Click the Log out on all devices button.

    Log out button

If you suddenly noticed any suspicious activity when you logged out on all devices change your password in the Bitrix24.Network profile and enable two-factor authentication.

Bitrix24 On-Premise

In the Bitrix24 On-Premise version, Login History is also available only for the Enterprise plan, but you should first configure some settings.

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