Pin and add messages to favorites

Sometimes, you don't have time to read messages in the Feed, but you want to read them later.

In this case, you can pin the message or add it to favorites.

Pin messages

To pin the message, click the Pin button or click the three dots button > Pin. Also, you can click More > Pin.

You can pin the unlimited number of messages. The pinned messages are displayed in the same order as they have been pinned.

Click the corresponding buttons to expand or collapse the pinned messages.

To unpin the message, click the Pin button again or select the corresponding option.

If you pin more than two posts, they will be collapsed into one window and won't interfere with your work.

The message can be pinned in the Feed only, and it's displayed as "pinned" only for the user who has pinned it.

Add messages to favorites

If the message is important to you, add it to Favorites by clicking the three dots button > Add to favorites.

All messages marked as Favorites can be found by applying the Favorites filter.

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