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New Bitrix24 mobile chat M1

Introducing our updated chat in the Bitrix24 mobile app. We have changed the chat interface and navigation, as well as increased the speed of work. In this article, you will learn about the new design and tools of mobile chat.

Chat appearance

We have updated the chat background and added the dark mode. By default, the mobile app follows your device's light or dark setting. To switch to the dark mode manually, go to Menu > Settings > Bitrix24 Settings > Dark mode > Dark.

Chat management section

There is a special panel in each chat that includes a list of chat members and some additional actions. To access it, open a chat and tap on its title or the employee's name at the top.

The filling of the section depends on the chat type:

  • My Notes chat

    Send messages to yourself in Bitrix24 to store personal notes and message drafts. Each user has exclusive access to such a chat.

  • Direct chat

    When chatting with another employee, you can open this section to:

    • start a video or audio call
    • create a group chat
    • open the user profile

    To go to My Notes from a direct chat, tap on the three dots button (...) next to your name and select the corresponding option.

  • Group chat

    When having a chat with several employees, you can start a group audio or video call from this section. To disable notifications, tap Mute. Tap on the three dots button (...) next to your name to go to My Notes or leave the chat.

    Here, you can also see the list of chat members and invite new ones. By tapping on the three dots button (...) next to an employee's name, you can:

    • mention a user in the chat
    • exclude a user from the chat
    • send a user a private message
To configure access to invite and exclude chat members, use the web version of the New Bitrix24 chat M1.

Unread messages and message status indicators

The message status indicator is displayed next to each message in the chat. A single tick shows that the message was sent successfully, while a double tick indicates whether the message has been read.

Imagine there are multiple unread messages, you start viewing them, but then close the chat. Once you reopen it, you will be taken to the same part of the conversation as when you left. Unread messages in the chat are now separated by a special gray line.

Reactions and replies to messages

Now emoji can be used as reactions to the messages. To react to a message, tap and hold it, then select an emoji reaction from the available options. Also, you can quickly like a message by double-tapping it. To reply to a message, swipe it to the left.

Voice messages

To record a voice message, tap and hold the mic icon. Slide up to continue recording without holding. Once you're done recording, tap the stop icon. Send the message immediately, or listen to it for review. With the latest update, you can rewind smoothly through your recordings.

Message drafts

Sometimes you may start typing a message but not send it to the chat. Such messages are now saved as drafts, and you can return to them. If there is a quoted message in your response, it will also be saved in the draft.

Chat settings

To open the chat settings, go to Menu > Settings > Chats. Here, you can manage the following options:

  • Show message history when inviting users to the chat
    Activate this option to allow new chat members to see the chat history.

  • Cache messages
    Turn on this option to view messages and attachments in chats without access to the internet. Messages and attachments will be available if you already opened them while accessing the network.

  • Autoplay
    Enable or disable video autoplay in chats.

In brief

  • Try our new mobile chat and explore the new tools available in it.

  • Check out the updated design and enable the dark mode under Menu > Settings > Bitrix24 Settings > Dark mode.

  • Check the message status indicator to know if a message was read. Keep track of new messages and read them partially.

  • Configure the Chat settings to specify whether you want to cache messages and allow new chat members to see the chat history.

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