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Notification settings in Bitrix24

Manage notifications for different Bitrix24 sections and tools. As an example, consider turning on CRM notifications or disabling any task reminders. The notification settings may also vary for different channels, so you can opt to activate task notifications in the web version, but turn them off in the mobile app.

Learn more about the available notification types and how to configure them.

Notification settings: simple mode

Select the Settings tab in the chat sidebar, then open Notifications. Here you can turn on the sound of notifications and adjust the ability to mark your notifications as read automatically.

Auto mark notifications as read is an option that allows you to take control of the way you view notifications.

When this option is enabled, it will be enough to open the Notifications section by clicking the bell icon in the sidebar on the right to access and read all notifications.

If the option is disabled, new notifications can be marked as read only manually by double-clicking on them.

Also, choose the channel where to send notifications:

  • in the web version and desktop and mobile apps, in the Notifications section under the bell icon

  • in the mobile app in the form of push notifications

  • by e-mail

Note that email notifications are not sent immediately, they are sent in 10–15 minutes and only when the user has not viewed the notification.
Receive email notifications from Bitrix24

Notification settings: advanced mode

To configure notifications for each section separately, switch to the advanced mode. The notification settings are grouped there by sections: Chat and Calls, Calendar, CRM, Tasks, and so on.

Chat & Calls

Configure notifications about new messages in direct or group chats, likes, and mentions. Unrecognized notifications include all other notifications, such as employee removal from a chat and REST notifications.


Set up notifications from Feed about adding new posts and comments, sharing your post with others, etc.

Event Calendar

In this section, you can choose which notifications to receive about calendar events.


Manage notifications sent from CRM. For instance, pick the options to stay updated on new emails and get reminders for activities.


Set up notifications when files are deleted by other users from your personal Drive. Note that you can delete files from another employee's Drive only if you have access to it.
My Drive Access Permissions

Ratings and Likes

Turn on notifications about likes for posts and comments in Feed.

Social Network

In this section, you can set up notifications from workgroups and projects. Stay updated on any membership or ownership changes, as well as invitations and requests to join workgroups and projects.


Specify the task notifications you'd like to get: new comments, reminders, task creation and modification events, upcoming deadlines, or when you're assigned a task.

Working Time Management

Configure notifications about adding or changing work reports and comments.

Polls and Surveys

Set up notifications about voting in polls in Feed.


Here you can activate notifications about new comments to Wiki articles.


Enable telephony notifications to prevent forgetting to top up your balance or disconnect a rented number and stay informed about SIP connection status changes.

Open Channels

In this section, you can manage notifications about the rate of client conversations.


Turn on the option to receive a one-time code when using two-step authentication.
Secure your Bitrix24 account


In this section, you can enable notifications about new incoming emails.

Business processes

In this section, you can enable notifications for automation rules and business processes.

In brief

  • In Bitrix24, you can get notifications in the web version, desktop and mobile apps, and by email. To configure them, go to Settings and open the Notifications tab.

  • There are two configuration modes: simple and advanced.

  • In simple mode, select the channels to receive notifications about any changes in Bitrix24.

  • In advanced mode, you can select the channels to receive notifications and adjust the settings for each account section as well.

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