Customer segments

Once you have your customer database ready and full, you can start working on campaign lists. The first step is to divide customers into segments.

A segment is a group of customers united by common attributes. They are used to selecting recipients for your ad campaigns.

Examples of markers for email campaigns

Common markers can be different:

  • The gender marker

    For example, you're planning a campaign for the International Women's Day. Since men are likely to give gifts to their wives, a targeted email campaign makes sense.

  • Why didn't they buy anything?

    Sometimes customers do not make a purchase because they think the price is too high. Create an email campaign with a special discount for them.

    Sometimes customers do not buy anything because they cannot find the product they need. For example, the product is out of stock today. As soon as the product is in stock, send emails to the customers.

  • When did the client contact us?

    Provide a special offer to the customers who bought something from you a year ago. Or offer a discount to long-term customers.

Create segments based on almost any parameter. If you sell tours, you can create the Favorite destination field in the deal form. There is no such field in the standard form, but you can add it and suggest a tour to Egypt for fans of hot countries.

All fields you create in the form are called custom fields. They are necessary to save any information about the client.

Learn more about custom fields in CRM

How to create a segment

To create a segment,

  1. Go to the Marketing section and open the Segments tab.

  2. Click the Create segment button.

  3. In the segment creation form, select the recipients of the email campaign using the filter. Once applied, the system will show how many contacts fit this condition.

    If you use filters to create a segment, it is considered dynamic. You can import your list of contacts' emails to create a static segment.
  4. Save the segment. After that, you can start creating the email campaign list.

Example of creating a dynamic segment

Here’s an example of a gym offering a discount to customers who renew their annual membership. Let's add and fill in the following fields in the filter:

  • Client type: We specify a certain type of client; in our case, these are contacts to whom we will send emails. If we do not choose the type of client, then the segment may be formed incorrectly, and will include companies.

  • Deal pipeline: We select the pipeline in which you work with these clients.

    If you select No deal pipeline, Bitrix24 will select customers who do not have or have never had deals.
  • Stage: We find clients who have already had successful deals by choosing the corresponding stage in this field.

  • Type of membership (Deal): This is a custom field; we select the types according to the conditions in our special offer.

That's it! We can use this segment in our email campaign after the data is loaded.

Error: "Deal pipeline" filter is not set

If you see this error, select the Deal pipeline filter from the list of fields and specify one or more pipelines from which deals should move into the segment.

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