How to work with the client database

You need a customer base for repeat sales. If you don't have one, or if managers don't keep it properly, then CRM Marketing has nothing to work with, and you won't get repeat sales. That's why you should organize your customer database before creating segments and campaigns.

How to prepare the customer database for work

You can only work with CRM Marketing from Bitrix24 CRM. If you keep records of your sales in Excel, another CRM system, or even just in a notebook, transfer them to the CRM. You can transfer the records manually or import the database if you work in another system.

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After you have imported all your contacts, you can configure CRM access permissions. Specify the employees who can work with the database. If all employees can work with the database, you can divide them into groups according to their actions: some can only view records, while others can edit and delete them.

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Why it is important to enter all contacts into CRM

Finding a new client is very expensive and time-consuming. So any client, even if he/she hasn't bought anything right now, is important and needs to be entered into CRM. The client wiil get on the CRM marketing campaing list, and it will be possible to make him/her a purchase offer.

Every contact is important and should be saved in CRM. Even if the deal is unsuccessful, you need to save the lead, the deal or the contact. Explain this to your managers and make it a company rule.

If you got spam mailings, add this contact to the blacklist and do not record messages from it.

How to enlarge the customer database

Bitrix24 automatically enters all contacts that come to you from any source: social networks, mail, chats and calls. Managers do not need to enter them manually, so the error rate decreases and the speed of work increases.

Contact Center is a tool for communicating with customers and handling incoming messages. You connect all communication channels and social networks, and after that all calls, emails, messages in chats are saved in CRM as contacts or deals.


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If you're having a problem migrating data or setting up CRM, you can request assistance from Bitrix24 partners.

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