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Access Permissions in CRM


Employee sees only own contacts / companies / leads / deals

Check if you have configured the access permissions for the employee(s). You can do that in CRM > Settings > Access Permissions.

You can create a new by clicking Add below the list of roles or edit an existing role with edit icon (pencil). To grant access to a user, department or group, click Add access permission under the Access Permissions list.

In the Manage Role form you can set role’s access level to various CRM items (leads, contacts, companies, etc.) and decide if you want to give a user access to edit the role settings.

You can read more about Bitrix24 Access System in our Training Course.

Access level is different fr om what I've set

If you have configured the access permissions for your employee in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions, but this employee's access level is different from what you've set (e.g. user sees what he\she shouldn't be able to see) - the reason may be that the user whom you have granted the access role, may also be a member of the group or department that you have given an access role too (e.g. My company: Employees group has full administrator access permissions level, when the individual employee has limited access role ):

In this case we deal with access permissions conflict. Please note that the system grant access due to the following rule in such cases: if a user is assigned various roles (e.g. belongs to both a workgroup and a department which are granted different roles), the user will always be granted the highest level of access allowed by the various roles.

Set access permissions for several sales teams

For example: you have several sales teams & want them to see & work only with their own team’s leads (contacts. companies, etc.) with no access to other teams CRM items. To set such access restrictions:

  1. Go to CRM>Settings > Access Permissions > add role (or edit existing role);
  2. Choose access option Personal, department (or Personal, department & sub departments) for those CRM items you want to lim it “team only” access to;
  3. Give your sales teams users this role.

Sales Teams Supervisor can be given a different role, e.g. the supervisor may have the ability to see all CRM items (access option = All). Please note that such access permissions can be set for leads, contacts, companies, deals, invoices & quotes, but product catalog stays common for all CRM users.

I see only "Email Templates" in CRM Settings

Only Bitrix24 administrators can have access to Bitrix24 CRM full Settings. Please check if you have "administrative access" to your company's intranet in your profile page:

In case you don't have the administrative access to the portal - your intranet's owner (user who registered the intranet) can give other users admin rights as well - for that he\she should switched on this option in the user's profile page:

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