Sales target

Sales target is a company development tool. It helps to plan money flows into the company and control employees' productivity.

Check if this tool is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Go to CRM > Analytics > Sales funnel.

Open the Sales plan section and click the Configure sales target button.

Select the target period: a month, a quarter, a half-year, or a year.

Specify the target: total sales or the number of deals.

Select the sales target view: by employee, by pipeline, or company wide.

Read more in the article - Multiple pipelines.

Specify a target. To add employees, click Add more. Save your changes.

Done! Now you can monitor the employees' progress.

Limit access to Sales Target

You can select certain employees to view and edit the sales target.

Go to CRM > More > Settings > Access permissions > CRM. Set the required access level when editing the employee's role.

Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.

If you need more information for analytics

All basic reports are collected in the CRM analytics section. There you will find information about sales, customers, managers' efficiency and analytics on each section.

Read more in the article - CRM Analytics.
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