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Import to Bitrix24 CRM

You can import leads, deals, contacts, companies, and products. If you have a customer database, import it to Bitrix24 CRM in a few steps.

Open the entity page you want to import. For example, go to the CRM section - Customers - Contacts if you want to import contacts.

The most common way is to import a CSV file with your settings. This is the name of the import method, when you customize the file in the process, following the Bitrix24 instructions. Let's consider this option using contacts as an example.

Click on the settings icon and select Import custom CSV.

Since the CSV file format is different from the usual Excel format, we recommend using a prepared template. Download it in the Import file example field.

Transfer information about customers to the template and upload the prepared file to the Data file field. Specify the Column separator.

The system will detect the Data file encoding automatically.

After configuring all the settings, click the Next button.

The next step is to configure field matching. CRM will automatically check the system and custom fields for a match. If it doesn't, select the appropriate field in the system to match the field from the file.

First name and Last name fields must be filled in for the correct import.

Check the import data on the same page and click Next.

By default, the system checks uniqueness by Full name, Phone number, and Email fields. You can allow, replace, merge or skip duplicates.

Click Next and you will see the import results. To go back to work with the CRM, click Ready. To upload a new file, click Import another file.

Possible import errors

All fields open in one cell

You downloaded a template file and it did not open correctly in Excel.

To return a file to its original view, open an empty file in Microsoft Office, click Data - Getting external data - From text.

Select the file you want to convert and follow the instructions:

  1. Specify the data format and click Next.
  2. Check the selected characters separator and click Next.
  3. Click Done. The file is converted and ready to work.

"Only one column was found. Please make sure that you specified the separator correctly in the previous step" error

If you see such a notification, go back to the first import step and select a different column separator.

The Date field value is not valid

When importing any dates, make sure that the Date format is the same as the one in the account settings.

If format is selected, then the dates in the file should be in the same format. To change the date format in Bitrix24, select the desired option in the dropdown list.

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