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Migration between various Bitrix24 zones

If you'd like to change your Bitrix24 account domain zone, e.g. from to you can send a request to our Support.

Important: you can request your Bitrix24 account domain zone change only once. Also, you need to be a commercial plan subscriber.
Please read the information below carefully before sending a domain zone change request to our Support:
  • you can request domain zone change only once for 1 Bitrix24 account.
  • domain zone change will be performed by our Support team within several business days.
  • domain zone change request should be sent by your account's owner (user who registered the account)
  • please note that in case your account name is already taken in another domain zone - we won't be able to perform domain zone change for your account (e.g. to
  • in case you have active telephony credits - it may happen that we won't be able to transfer your telephony credits for a new domain zone (our Support team will advise details for your particular case).
  • in case you have SIP Connector rented, we may transfer your account to another domain zone only after your rent is expired.
  • in case you have rented numbers, Voximplant (our telephony provider) can transfer them as well. It may take some time to transfer rented numbers. Rented numbers' settings are not transferred.

After your Bitrix24 account is moved to a new domain zone, your old account address visitors will be automatically redirected to a new address. 

Important: there are several options that will stop working:

- configured Open Channels (you will need to disconnect them before account transfer to a different zone),

- website widgets,

- CRM web forms & online chats,

- Marketplace apps (each domain zone have own Marketplace).

You will need to configure them from scratch in your new domain zone account.

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