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Bitrix24.Vacation subscription option

Inactive free Bitrix24 accounts are automatically deleted after about 40-50 days of inactivity.

So if you don't have enough time right now to test Bitrix24 features or don't use your Bitrix24 account but don't want to lose the chosen account name, there is a Bitrix24.Vacation subscription option for Bitrix24 Free plan subscribers. This option keeps your Bitrix24 account active for 12 or 24 months even if you don't use it!

You can purchase Bitrix24.Vacation subscription option for only $5/mo!

Your Bitrix24 account won't be deleted during 12 or 24 months (depends on the chosen option) of inactivity.

Bitrix24.Vacation subscription option is available for Bitrix24 Free plan subscribers only.
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