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Bitrix24 Scrum

There is a section for working with tasks according to the Scrum method. Here you can quickly organize the work of a scrum team. The number of teams depends on the Bitrix24 plan. Scrum is a flexible way of organizing a workflow with tasks. A large project is divided into small tasks carried out gradually. Bitrix24 ...

Bitrix24 SCRUM Guide

Scrum is one of the most widely used Agile-based frameworks and - wouldn’t you know it - we have it right here in Bitrix24! You can learn all about Scrum from our course: how to use this methodology in Bitrix24, and how to get the most of it for your ...

How to work with Scrum

Let's consider how a manager can organize the team work in Scrum and what settings it has. You can find a lot of useful information in the Bitrix24 SCRUM Guide . For example, your company creates a new product, but you have little idea of the result. With the help of Scrum method, you will organize the team ...

New Bitrix24 release review

... and document creation in Bitrix24 calls New features in Bitrix24.Mail Tasks We have added new features for working with tasks. Now you can require task status summary and record a comment as a result. Read more in the article Task status summary . Scrum There is a new section for working with tasks according to the Scrum method. Here you can quickly...

Getting started with Bitrix24

... clients, partners, or implement projects inside your company. In this article, we are going to tell you how to implement Bitrix24 and work as efficiently as possible. In Bitrix24, you can create collaborative projects, set tasks by templates or by the Scrum method, schedule meetings in your calendar, make video conferences, and create a knowledge base fo...

Tags in tasks and projects

... projects: Employees with the right to edit tasks in the group can add tags. Employees with the right to edit tasks in the group can remove the tag from the task. Tags in the workgroup can be edited by: an administrator, a project owner, a moderator, or a scrum master, if you work in scrum. An administrator, a project owner, a moderator, and a scrum maste...

Main Bitrix24 tools

... Voice and video calls Tasks Bitrix24 provides you with efficient tools for task management. Set tasks, specify deadlines, attach files, track task time, and control employees' efficiency. Create a task You can also work with tasks according to the Scrum method. Here you can quickly organize the work of a scrum team with the help of regular meetings. Bi...

Changes in Bitrix24 tools. April 2022.

... now remove items in the list. This option is suitable if you have a large number of items that you want to remove. Calendar We've added the ability to search for events in the company calendar. Now you can find group events in your personal calendar. Scrum We have added the ability to search for tasks with/without a score in the search bar.

New Bitrix24: tools, time, prices

... project management and communication. Such tools as tasks and projects, calendars, video calls, mail, open channels, mobile app, as well as CRM forms and product catalog have been updated. New features of New Bitrix24 release are Inventory management, Scrum, Meeting briefs, Invoices,Instant WhatsApp and BI Analytics. When do the new features come out? Mo...

Projects in Bitrix24 Mobile app

... the upcoming changes with the help of the counters. Tasks in projects in Bitrix24 mobile app You can pin the desired project at the top of the list or read all the comments on it. Swipe it from left to right (for iOS) or hold it (for Android). The Scrum section is currently only available in the browser. In the Efficiency tab, you can evaluate how well...

Bitrix24 menu structure

... Bitrix24.Drive Webmail Workgroups You can add or remove tools or change their order by dragging them with the mouse. Read more in the article Bitrix24 menu features . Tasks and Projects In this section, you will find such tools as: Tasks Projects Bitrix24.Scrum Supervising Efficiency CRM This section has a completely new structure: Inventory tab include...

Filters and smart search in tasks

... require your attention. On the right, you can filter tasks by various fields. For example, to navigate between task statuses, select them in the Status field: Pending In progress Pending review Completed Deferred Completed in active sprint Bitrix24.Scrum To create a custom filter, click Add field . You'll see the list of available task fields. Tick th...

Jira migration app

... sure to change the dates and estimated duration prior to starting the sprint . Please do not hesitate to reach out to Bitrix24 support team in case there is any doubt or need in our assistance with the migration. Useful links User manual Bitrix24 Scrum Guide Troubleshooting common issues with Bitrix24 integration apps
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