Work Reports

Work Report - is a document containing information about employee's work made for the defined time period. Work Report is usually required by the employee's supervisor & reflects the employee's work summary.

How it works

Click Time and Reports > Work Reports. Then you need to select the reporting period - how often your employees will need to submit reports. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. To select the reporting period, click the Settings button at the top right corner > then click the cogwheel button next to the employee/department name. You can configure reporting periods for the whole department or for department employees individually.

Only department supervisors can configure the report settings for his/her subordinates.

If the report is not confirmed by the supervisor, it's displayed gray. If it's confirmed but is not scored, it's displayed yellow. Scored positive - green, negative - red.

You can also use filters at the top of the Work Reports section.

The set of filters available for usage depends on the user's access level:

  • Regular users can only enable and disable the Statistics option.
  • Department supervisors can additionally use the filter by employee.
  • Administrators can also filter work reports by department.

How to confirm a work report

Work Reports must be confirmed and scored by a department supervisor. Just click the report to open the work report confirmation form.

Select a score and confirm the report. Note that an employee won't be able to edit his/her report after it has been confirmed.

How to fill and submit a work report

Work Report form appears automatically daily (weekly/monthly) at a particular time (depending on the settings configured by the administrator):

If the employee hasn't submitted the work report for the specified reporting period, he/she will have a notification saying about it on the Work Reports page:

There are some data that will be automatically added to the work report:

  • Data added to the Daily Summary tool using the Time Management option.
  • All the tasks that have been completed within the reporting period. You can also add tasks to the report manually by clicking the select from list button.

Events that the employee hasn't confirmed his/her participation in, won't be added to the work report.

You can click the Postpone for an hour button before submitting a work report. The work report form will be shown again in an hour. After submitting the work report, you and your supervisor will be notified about it in the Activity Stream.

Work Reports can be submitted only if the selected employee has been using the Time Management option within the specified reporting period.
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