RPA: configure a workflow

RPA workflows are presented in the kanban view, and the configuration process can be divided into three parts: configuring stages, adding assignments, configuring automation rules. To configure an RPA workflow, go to the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) section and click a workflow you want to configure.

Configure stages

You need to add the stages that the workflow will go through. It can be the approval by the supervisor, documents processing by an accountant, etc. You can add new stages, and edit or delete the existing ones in the kanban view.

To add a new stage, click the + button. Click the pencil button to edit the existing stage.

Add assignments

Assignments show responsible persons what actions they need to do on each stage. For example, approve or decline a document.

Click Add assignment.

There are four types of assignments available: approve or decline, request information, review information, move to stage. Select one of them.

There are two tabs when you create an assignment:

  • General - specify the assignment name, text, responsible persons' queue, and select a stage the completed assignment will be moved to.

  • Show fields - select fields that will be shown to a person responsible for the assignment.

Configure automation rules

Besides the assignments, you can add automation rules to the kanban stages. They allow interacting not only with persons responsible for assignments but also with other employees. Automation rules can send notifications, emails to employees, add messages to the Activity Stream, etc.

Click the Automation rules button.

Add an automation rule to a workflow stage.

For example, it's a great idea to send an employee a notification that his/her leave has been approved by the supervisor.

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