RPA: access permissions

Configure RPA access permissions to prevent data loss and accidental modification of RPA workflows.

You can configure access to stages, workflows, and items. Administrators have access to all actions whatever permissions are.

Workflows and stages

  • New workflow creation - any user can create a new workflow.
  • Edit workflow - when creating a new workflow, specify who can edit the workflow in the Access permissions section.

    You can configure access to editing the workflow at any moment by clicking Actions > Configure > Access permissions.

  • Delete workflow - users that can edit the workflow can also delete this workflow. Workflow cannot be deleted if it has any items (even completed).
    You may get the You cannot delete a workflow containing items error when trying to delete a workflow.

    In this case, switch to the Workflows tab > select a workflow you want to delete > delete all the items related to this workflow.

    Note that you need to wait for a couple of seconds after deleting an item until the Cancel button disappears. Then you can delete the workflow.
  • View workflow - all users can view workflows.
  • Stages - any user can edit the workflow stages.


  • View items - all users can view workflow items.
  • Create items - when creating a workflow, you can specify users who can create workflow items in the Workflow start section.
  • Edit and delete items - users that have permission to create items can also edit and delete items.


  • View and add comments - all users can view and add comments to items.
  • Edit and delete comments - only the user who has added the comment can edit or delete it.
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