Chat settings

You can configure chat settings in the Bitrix24 Messenger or Desktop app by clicking the cogwheel button.


  • Hide messages in "Recent" list - you can show/hide the text of the last message under the user picture in the contact list.
  • Hide offline users - you can show/hide absent users in the contact list.
  • Show Open Channels separately - if this option is enabled, the separate menu item will be displayed in the right sidebar. There you'll find all the conversations with clients, and dialogues with colleagues won't distract employees from chats with clients.
  • Show "Expecting first reply" conversations in individual group - enable this option to show undistributed Open Channels' dialogues at the top of the list.
  • Show recent messages;
  • Show most recent notifications;
  • Auto mark notifications as read - if you have lots of important notifications, we recommend disabling this option to process notifications manually.
  • Use large smileys - you can enable/disable this option to use large/small smileys in chats.
  • Show rich links - if this option is disabled, links in chats will be displayed as plain text without any additional information and pictures. This option works for all chats and needs to be enabled/disabled by each employee individually.
  • Enable sound - you can enable or disable sound for notifications. The sound itself cannot be changed.
  • Send messages on - here you can select which keyboard shortcut you want to use for sending messages ("Enter" button or "Ctrl+Enter").
  • Color for your conversation in mobile chat - select a color for your conversations in chats in the Bitrix24 Mobile app (the person you are sending messages to will have the chat with you marked with this color).
  • Run application on quick access bar click - if you've installed and launched the new all-in-one Desktop app, you'll be automatically taken to it once you click the dialogue icon in the quick access bar on the right.
  • Enable Dark mode - you can enable/disable the dark mode in Bitrix24 chats.


Go to the Notifications tab to configure notifications.

There are two modes for notifications configuration: Simple and Advanced.

  1. In the Simple mode, you can configure notifications for the following services:
    • Website, mobile and desktop apps;
    • Email;
    • Push notifications (mobile app);
    • External clients(XMPP, Jabber) - Bitrix24 On-Premise only.
  2. In the Advanced mode, you can enable/disable notifications for different Bitrix24 tools:
Note that email notifications are disabled by default, but you can always enable them. Disabled notifications are not saved to the notifications history.


Go to the Hardware section to configure your microphone and camera. After selecting the microphone and camera, microphone parameters and the image from your camera are displayed.

The selected hardware is associated with the current browser and not with the user, so if you switch to another browser or PC, you need to configure the camera and microphone again.


In this section, you can configure video preferences for group video calls:

  • Accept incoming video feed from all - videos from all group call participants will be displayed in the call window.
  • Accept incoming video feed from speakers - only the video of the user who is speaking is displayed.
  • Don't accept - you'll see profile pictures of group call participants instead of their video.
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