Drive, Files & Folders Access Permissions

By default, personal Drive is available to the owner only. You can configure access permissions to your Drive (all Drive files & folder) and to individual files & folders in My Drive as well.

My Drive Access Configuration

You can configure access to the whole personal Drive section from My Drive Settings > Access Permissions: Use Add tab to add users, groups or departments to the list. Click on Read to set access level:
  • Read 
  • Edit
  • Share
  • Full Access
  • Add
If you'd like to configure extended permissions for individual files & folders, please use Enable extended permissions for individual files & folders option.

File or Folder Access Permissions

In addition to general personal Drive access settings, you can grant additional access to each file or folder. Open file or folder menu & select Access Permissions The Access Permission Configuration wizard will show default access levels inherited by My Drive main configuration. Click Add to add more users, groups or departments. You can also change inherited access level for users, groups or departments.


This option is available to CRM+, Project+, Standard and Professional plans subscribers only.

If you'd like the file or folder to be connected to the colleagues Drive as well, so that he\she don't need to go to your Profile > your personal Drive each time to access the file, use Sharing option.

Add users, groups or departments & select access level for them.
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