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Configure Access Permissions in Bitrix24 Drive


  1. You can configure general Access Permissions to My Drive or Company Drive with the help of settings icon in the right top corner on the Drive page:

    In addition to general access settings, each file or folder can be granted additional access. Here is how to give additional access to the particular file or folder:

    • In the file or folder menu choose "sharing" option:

    • In the "Sharing" wizard you can add users or departments with the "add more" tab:

    • You can choose several users/departments at once, the ones you've chosen will be added to the form:

    • After you’ve selected the users, you will be able to configure access level for each of the chosen users or departments. Access levels can be set as read, edit or full access:

    Important: If a user is assigned various access roles (e.g. belongs to both a workgroup and a department which are granted different access levels, or given various access roles in general Drive access permissions settings and in particular file or folder), the user will always be granted the highest level of access allowed by the various roles. For example, if the user has full access to your Bitrix24 Company Drive you won't be able to restrict his access to particular Company Drive's file(folder).

  2. You can configure access permissions so that particular user(s) will have access only to the chosen files & folders:

    • Switch on the option "Enable extended permission control for individual files & folders" in the Drive Access Permissions Configuration wizard:

    • Use "sharing" option in the file (or folder) actions menu:
    • Now you can choose users or departments and configure access permissions for them.

  3. How to restrict access to Bitrix24 Drive files to particular employee?

    Each file or folder in your Bitrix24 Drive has “Sharing” option. Users added with the help of this option may have various access levels, while not listed users have no access to the file (folder) by default. To be sure a particular user has no access to the file, please check if the file sharing page contains access for groups or departments and if this user belongs to any group or department listed. (if he\she does, either delete the user fr om the group (department) or delete this group’s access to the file).

    Important: both Company Drive and My Drive in Bitrix24 also have general Drive access permissions settings - make sure that the employee whom you need to restict access to Bitrix24 Drive is not listed (individually or within the group or department) there.

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