My Drive Overview

My Drive - is your personal file storage inside Bitrix24.

Add files and folders to drive

Click Add button at the top right corner.

Upload files from your computer or add folders. Also, you can create a new file using Google Docs, MS Office Online, Office365 or one of the desktop applications installed on your computer.

To create a document in Google Docs, MS Office Online or Office365, you need to have an account in the selected service.

Sort files and folders

You can choose sorting and view type:

  • Choose how documents and folders will be sorted (by date changed, by ID, by name or by size).
  • Choose documents and folders view (list, tile or large tile).

Who can access files stored on My Drive?

Check if configuring access permissions option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

My Drive is your personal file storage and only you can access files stored on it.

Account administrator also can access your files.

To grant access to the particular file or folder to your colleague, just click Sharing.

Select users, workgroups or entire departments that will have access to this file or folder. Specify access permissions (Read, Add, Edit or Full access).

Access permissions description

  • Read - allows only viewing drive contents.
  • Add - allows viewing and adding files.
  • Edit - allows performing all actions, but doesn't allow to configure access permissions and settings.
  • Full access - allows performing absolutely all actions.

Selected users will get notifications and your folder will be available on their personal drives. If some of these users won't connect the shared folder to their drives, they will still have access to this folder on your drive.

Folders on My Drive

There are folders on your drive that are created automatically:

  • Uploaded files - contains all files you add as attachments to tasks or Activity Stream messages. This folder is always hidden from other users.
    If you move a file from this folder to recycle bin, it won't be deleted from task, Activity Stream, etc. You can completely delete this file from Bitrix24 by selecting Delete irreversibly option.
  • Stored files - contains all files from your Bitrix24 account that you’ve saved to Drive.
  • imessenger - contains files sent via Bitrix24 instant messenger and saved to Drive.
  • Created files - here you can find files you have created in Activity Stream or Tasks from scratch.
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