Recycle bin in CRM and Bitrix24.Drive: files are stored for 30 days

We often get messages to our support that users unexpectedly run out of storage space on the Bitrix24.Drive. Due to this reason, Bitrix24 Account performance is affected. Usually, it happens because the recycle bin is full of old files. Nobody needs these files, but users often forget to delete them from the recycle bin.

Now, deleted files are stored in the recycle bin for 30 days, and then they are automatically deleted irreversibly. This applies to all Bitrix24 plans.

This update has affected CRM Recycle Bin and Bitrix24 Drive Recycle Bin.

We believe that this update will help Bitrix24 users to use their storage space rationally and will decrease the servers' load.

Read more about recycle bins:

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