File version storage

When collaborating on a document in Bitrix24, if someone accidentally deletes content, you can revert it by restoring its previous version. The system automatically creates new versions with each save, preserving the old ones. The storage time of document versions on Drive varies depending on your plan.

File revision history is available on Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Unused file version copies are stored for 90 days on Bitrix24.Drive. Versions of files used in Tasks, Feed, and Calendar are stored indefinitely in all plans.
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To recover a previous version of your file,

  1. Navigate to Drive and find your file.

  2. Expand the menu (≡) and select Revision history.

  3. On this page, you will see all saved versions of the document, as well as information about who and when made the changes. Click the left menu (≡) and choose the desired command:

    • Restore the version
    • Download it to your computer
    • Delete it irreversibly
Set the maximum number of records in the document history in the Bitrix24 settings. Once it is reached, the oldest file versions will be automatically deleted.
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