Get internal and public links (share files and folders)

Share Bitrix24.Drive files and folders using public links and internal links. These tools foster effective teamwork in your company!

Internal links

Sometimes you need to share a file with your colleague without sharing it with anybody else. You can do that in two clicks! For example, you've planned your vacation in Mexico and need to share contracts you work on with your colleague substituting you.

Select file or folder you need to share and click Share > Copy internal link. Then just paste this link to the message and send it to your colleague. That's it! Now you can pack your bags and go to Mexico without any worries! :)

Only your Bitrix24 users can access files shared using internal links.

Why do I need public links?

Public links are useful when you need to share files or folders with external users without giving them access to your Bitrix24. For example, to share a price list with a client.

How to get a public link to a file?

This option is available to CRM+, Project+, Standard and Professional plans subscribers only. Public links are not available when using the Free 30-Day Trial.

To get a public link to a file, select a file > click Share > Get public link.

Click the cogwheel button on the right from the link to configure additional parameters. You can set link lifetime - when this time passes, the link becomes unavailable. Also, you can set a password.

Send this link to a user and this user will be able to view and download the file or share this link with the others.

You can view how many times the file was downloaded using the public link by clicking the hamburger button > Details.

The number of downloads will be displayed next to the Downloads from public page sign:

You can select the app used for viewing documents in your account Settings (menu on the left) > View documents using.

Use the filter to search files with public links only.

Note that this filter works separately for files stored on My Drive, Company Drive and Workgroup Drive.

How to get a public link to a folder?

Pretty much the same way as to get a public link to a file.

You can download the entire folder as an archive or download one file - just click the menu on the left from the file name.

How to disable public link?

To disable the public link, just move the slider in link's settings menu.

You can enable the public link later again, but a new link will be generated. The old one won't work.

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