Bitrix24 expands collaboration capabilities and makes it easier to work with documents.

In the Online documents section, you will find all your active documents. You can create new ones and work on them with your colleagues.

Check if co-editing is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Working with documents

To get started, go to the Online documents section on the left menu.

Here, you can create or open any document you need.

Below the templates, you can see a list of all the documents you have been working with. They are sorted by activity. A context menu is available for each document:

  • Download: You can download the desired document.

  • Share: Use this option to create a public link, copy a download link, or set up access to the document.

  • Rename: You can change the name of the document.

  • Delete: Select this option to move a document to the recycle bin.

Collaborative document management

You can work on a document with your colleagues and make edits. For example, you have a task to correct some data before sending the document to a client.

Open the file in the task and click Edit. You can make changes to the document together.

To learn more about the editing features, go to File and open the Help tab.

While working on a document, you can share it with other employees or set up public access.

Public access

The option allows you to set up public access for your document. In the settings window, you can set a time limit, protect the link with a password, and allow external users to edit your document.

When the external user clicks the link, he or she can edit the document with you. The indicator shows users who are working on the document.


With this option, you can set file permissions for your colleagues. Select the desired employee, set access rights, and save the changes.

The employee will receive a notification to connect your document.

When you are done with the document, close the editor, and the changes will be saved automatically.

Limit on the number of simultaneously edited documents

The number of users who can work simultaneously in document editor depends on your Bitrix24 plan:

  • Free: the feature is not available;
  • Basic: the feature is not available;
  • Standard: 5 users;
  • Professional: 10 users;
  • Enterprise 250: 20 users;
  • Enterprise 500: 30 users;
  • Enterprise 1,000 and more: 40 users;
  • Trial: 10 users;
  • NFR: 10 users;
  • Bitrix24 On-Premise Business 50, 100: 10 users;
  • Bitrix24 On-Premise Business 250, 500: 20 users;
  • Bitrix24 On-Premise Enterprise 1,000, 1,000+: 40 users.

When users exit the document or the document is closed, the limit is reset.

The limitation is checked every time a unique pair of "User + Document" is registered.

Let's consider the following example: a user has the Professional plan. He will receive the message on reaching the limit when attempting to open and edit any document, if:

  • a single user has already opened 10 various documents in edit mode.

  • 10 different users have opened a single document in edit mode.

  • 5 users have opened a single document in edit mode, and simultaneously, the same 5 users have opened another document in edit mode.

In each of these cases, the user won't be able to open and edit any other document until the limit is reset.

The limit affects document editing only. There is no limit on opening and viewing documents.
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