Bitrix24 Settings Page

You can customize your Bitrix24 in Settings section.

Check if these options are available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.


Here you can configure general settings.

  • Change your Company name and Company name to display in the header that is displayed in the left top corner.
  • Unvoted "Like" button text - this text is displayed instead of "Like".
  • E-mail of the site administrator (default sender address) - this e-mail address is used as a default sender until you change settings.
    Read more in the article - Manage users mailboxes.
  • Add "24" to company logo - disable this option if you don't want to have "24" in the left top corner.
  • Date format, time format and name format - select how the corresponding information will be displayed.
  • First day of the week - workweek starts with this day in calendars.
  • Working time parameters - specify business hours.
  • Weekend days - specify weekend days. It's important when planning tasks and working with calendars.
  • Weekends and holidays - every country has its own holidays, so here you can add holidays or delete existing ones if they are not needed. Enter dates without spaces and separate them with commas.
  • Phone number format: default country - select which country code will be displayed by default.
  • Address format - select the address format that will be used by default.
  • Type of your organization - you can select how would you like users of the account to be addressed in some menu items, headings, messages, etc. There are 2 options to choose from: company and employees, organization and users.
  • Show dismissed employees - enable this option to show the dismissed employees in the list of employess.
  • View documents using - select the service which you want to use to view your documents.
  • Allow involved users to edit documents... - the administrator can enable the option for all users of the account to edit the documents attached to messages, tasks, etc.
  • Automatically connect Group Drive when user joins group - enable this option to automatically connect the workgroup drive to the new workgroup user's personal drive.
  • Max. entries in document history - if the specified limit is exceeded, the older entries are deleted automatically.
    Read more about document history in the article - File Revision History.
  • Allow public links - enables working with the public links in your account.
  • Allow document locking - when this option is enabled, you can lock the document so that only one person at a time could edit the document.
  • Search Drive documents - enable this option to search Drive documents.
  • Allow "All users" as option in Feed - by default, all users can post messages to "All users" in the activity stream. Here you can disable this option or select users who can send such messages.
  • Use "All users" as default recipient - by default, "all users" are specified as recipients of the messages in the activity stream. Here you can disable this option.
  • Allow users to send messages to General chat - here you can disable this option or select users who can send messages to General chat.
  • Notify about new hires in general chat.
  • Notify about employee/user dismissal in general chat.
  • Post administrator assigned and administrator changed notifications to General chat - notify users about new administrators in the General chat.
  • Enable rich media links - this option will preview the links inserted in the messages and comments. This works both with the external links and with internal links to the tasks, leads, etc.
  • Allow users to install apps - if this option is enabled, the selected users will be able to install apps.
  • Allow quick registration - if this option is enabled, any Bitrix24.Network user can register on any Bitrix24 account (if he knows the account name). However, the account administrator's confirmation is still required.
  • Allow everyone to invite new users to this Bitrix24 account - enable this option to allow any employee to invite new users to your Bitrix24 account.
  • Notify about new hires in Feed.
  • Show date of birth in female profiles.
  • Allow to measure and show stress level in user profile - enable this option to allow to measure their stress level and show it in their profile.
    Read more in the article - Measure your stress level.
  • Enable all users to upgrade current Bitrix24 plan - enable this option to allow all users to upgrade the current Bitrix24 plan.
  • Create chat on overdue task with all task participants - if this option is enabled, the private group chat on this task will be created.
  • Enable geolocation data collection - enable this option to collect users' device geolocation data. This option is needed for the correct functioning of certain Bitrix24 Mobile app features.
    Please note that in certain jurisdictions you need an explicit user's consent to process device geolocation data.
  • Allow all users of my Bitrix24 to communicate in the global network - an option that determines whether portal employees will be allowed to use the global network.
    Communicating with other users via Bitrix24.Network is not available on all Bitrix24 plans. Learn more on the pricing page.
  • Track read status of outgoing emails - if this option is enabled, the system will track if the outgoing messages were actually opened by their respective recipients, and mark these messages as read. This option is available for emails sent from the CRM, CRM Marketing, Bitrix24 Webmail and automation rules. It also enables the "Email viewed" trigger.
  • Track link clicks in outgoing emails - if this option is enabled, CRM triggers can track user link clicks. With these triggers, you can create automation rules to send a notification when a customer or an employee opens a link.

GDPR Compliance

As Bitrix24 has many clients in the European Union, we follow GDPR compliance rules and maintain GDRP section on our website. Your Data Processing Agreement is accepted by you as a part of our main terms of service.

Read more about GDPR Compliance in the article - Bitrix24 and GDPR compliance.

Security settings

In this section, you can Make two-step authorization mandatory for all users and Specify the period of time within which all the employees will have to enable two-step authentication. Also, you can enable the Send chat and push notifications about authentication attempt, also include the sign in code (only for time-based OTP) option.

Read more about two-step authorization in the article - OTP (one time password).


In this section, you can disable some Bitrix24 tools if they are not used in your company.

IP restrictions

Here you can select users or entire departments for which access is allowed from specific IP addresses only.

Important: this option is not applied for users with administrative rights – they can access Bitrix24 from any location. Access limit by IP is available available to CRM+, Project+, Standard or Professional plans subscribers only.

Company logo

You can upload the company logo, which will appear in the upper left corner of your account instead of "Bitrix24" sign.

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