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Synchronization problem notification

You may get the following notifications about files synchronization problem when trying to sync different file versions or when several users are working on the same file. Please see notifications description below:

2 File Versions

Notification: 2 File Versions. Unfortunately we were unable to merge changes in the file. Now you have two copies of the same file. You can merge them manually or leave only the actual version.

This problem occurs when 2 users are trying to upload a new file version from the synchronized folder to Bitrix24 Drive.

For example, you & your colleague are working on the same file. Your colleague has finished editing file before you & has saved his version. This means a new file version has been uploaded for the file you're working on. And this new version is different from the one you've stared editing. As a result, when you try to save your file, you'll get this notification.

To avoid the situation when one of the file editions is lost, the system will suggest to make a file copy instead of substituting the file. You will be able either to merge them manually later or leave only one of the versions. 

File Locked

File Locked. Cannot update the file on your computer because it is locked by program "____". Please try again later, or close program "____" and run it again.

This problem occurs when 2 users are working on the same Excel sheet located in synchronized folder. 

For example, you & your colleague are working on the same Excel sheet. Your colleague has finished working before you & saved his version. In this case you'll get this notification. 

To avoid this use file lock option when you start working on Excel. If you have faced this problem already, please back up your excel file changes to the alternative file & save it. Further you can decide which version to keep - in case the one saved as a separate file, use upload new version option. 

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